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Cash Management

Suncrest Bank offers our business customers a variety of helpful cash management services that can add efficiency and simplicity to your daily banking operations. Ask your business banking specialists about any and all of these products:

ACH Origination

Reduce your administrative costs and save valuable time by making, receiving, and managing your payments and payroll automatically. Easily upload files, retrieve return files, or view reports and confirmations online, safely and quickly.

  • Expedite all your payments
  • Secure transactions while accelerating cash flow
  • Pay vendors and suppliers quickly and conveniently
  • Reduce returned checks
  • Transfer funds from other institutions
  • Deposit payroll automatically
  • Reduce costly expense of paper checks
  • Simplify payroll process
  • Send and receive wire transfers

Remote Deposit Capture

At Suncrest Bank we offer a service with business owners in mind. This time-saving tool allows you to make deposits to be made without leaving your office -- at your convenience!

By using a small document scanner and a high-speed Internet connection, you're able to digitally capture, balance, and transmit your deposits electronically to your accounts at Suncrest Bank, safely and securely!

  • Save valuable time and money
  • Deposit checks to your business accounts 24/7
  • Simply prepare your deposit, scan your checks, and transmit
  • No software to install or costly equipment to purchase
  • Avoid lost or stolen checks
  • Gain faster access to funds
  • Simplify your account reconciliation
  • Provides automated balancing, helping to reduce errors
  • Safe and secure

Investment Sweep

Increase profit by putting your money to work for you. Suncrest Bank offers sweep programs that maximize every penny you have available. Balances that would otherwise be idle are automatically swept to interest-bearing accounts when not in use, and swept back when they are needed.

  • Maximize all funds
  • Increase profitability
  • Linked to your business checking account(s)
  • Excess funds automatically swept to interest-bearing account
  • Funds automatically sweep back to checking account if needed
  • Pricing determined by earnings credits on balances maintained

Loan Sweep

  • Automatically sweeps excess funds from your operating account to reduce your line of credit.
  • Decrease amount of interest payments
  • Increase accounting efficiency
  • Streamline recordkeeping

Positive Pay

A primary tool in our fraud prevention services, Positive Pay verifies each and every check originating from your company before payment is issued. The service is convenient and easy to use and can save money and a lot of time by catching attempted fraud before it happens.

  • Convenient, and easy to use
  • Prevent fraud before it happens
  • Software provided
  • Instant validation that checks originated from your business
  • Imperfect matches flagged before payment